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Brain training

MyndHub is the most fun and engaging way to develop your mental wellbeing. Train your calm and focus by participating in Jedi like training - Controlling, powering or moving objects. 

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Brain monitoring

MyndHub gives you ultimate attention and meditation feedback loop and can provide real-time alerts when getting distracted, mentally burning or losing your calm.

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Brain Fitness

Playing with your mind for just a few minutes a day can help you develop control over your mental focus and ability to stay calm under pressure.

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With true Jedi brain training

Train your brain

Innovation at it's finest.

From a mind controlled Thor's hammer to a mind controlled lightsaber. We stretched our imagination to create some myndhacks that give you real life super powers.

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Modern tech in a small box.

MyndHub uses the data it collects to convert your brain power into electricity allowing it to flow from your brain to your device.

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